Etsy Visitors Per Month 2023 [Latest Data Feb 2023]

etsy visitors per month
Helen Shpolanska
Helen Shpolanska
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In February 2023, Etsy had 445.8 million visitors.

MonthEtsy Visitors Per Month
February 2023445.8 million
January 2023513.5 million
December 2022566.4 million
Etsy visitors per month 2023, source: SimilarWeb

Based on the data provided by SimilarWeb, we can see that Etsy’s visitors per month have fluctuated over the past few months but remain consistently high. In February 2023, Etsy had 445.8 million visitors, which is a decrease compared to the previous month but still a substantial number of visitors. In January 2023, Etsy had 513.5 million visitors, and in December 2022, the number of visitors reached 566.4 million.

These numbers suggest that Etsy continues to attract a significant number of visitors to its platform. The decrease in visitors between January and February 2023 could be attributed to seasonality or other factors that affect e-commerce traffic, but overall, the trend remains positive. Etsy’s visitors per month demonstrate that the platform has a wide reach and attracts a significant amount of traffic from across the globe.

Image source: Storyset

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